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Why you should ALWAYS use licensed waste carriers

We’re proud to serve the needs of the many fully registered and licensed waste carriers that operate a great service in and around Staffordshire, but sadly some unsuspecting customers are still being duped by ‘man with a van’ adverts and are running the risk of having their waste dumped in a quiet corner of the countryside instead of having it processed at a reputable waste management facility like ourselves.

Offering to-good-to-be-true prices and promising fast collection of your waste, many people don’t think to ask to see a valid waste carrier’s licence when handing over their hard-earned cash, but by trusting someone without the relevant paperwork, you could potentially find yourself in hot water with the law.

Read on to discover just some of the risks associated with entrusting your waste removal needs to anyone who you suspect may be acting as an unregistered waste collector.

Where does the waste go?

Unfortunately, not many people stop and think about what happens to their waste once it leaves their property.

In the case of registered waste carriers who we work with day in day out, your waste is bought to our specialist waste management facility to be processed correctly with all items that can be recycled treated accordingly.

However, as this comes at an additional cost, unscrupulous unlicensed waste carriers look to line their own pockets and save time, which has resulted in a sharp increase in fly-tipping across the UK with waste driven out to a quiet country road or local beauty spot and dumped illegally.

Environmental damage

Fly-tipped waste doesn’t just look awful, it also seriously impacts wildlife by harming potential food sources and damaging natural habitats.

Instead of taking your waste to a skip or bringing it to our Staffordshire Waste Recycling Centre, some unscrupulous individuals cut corners by blighting secluded lanes or remote industrial estates, so be sure to ask to see evidence of a current waste carriers licence before you take things any further.  

Avoid fines – use a registered waste carrier

You might think that as you had paid someone to dispose of your waste that you wouldn’t be liable for prosecution or fines should your waste be fly-tipped – but sadly you’d be wrong.

Should public health officials discover any personal details such as old letters in fly-tipped waste, then the person who originally ‘owned’ the rubbish may receive an unexpected visit or letter from local authority personnel, so make sure that you choose your waste carrier carefully or get in touch with our team for a free, no obligation skip hire quote.  

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