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Skip hire and the law: do you need a skip permit?  

‘Do I need a skip permit’ is of the most frequently asked questions we get asked here at Staffordshire Waste & Recycling Centre HQ.

The answer to this particular question depends on several different things, so we’ve created this quick guide which explains when a skip permit is required, how much a permit roughly costs and the rules and regulations that you will need to abide by to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

Skip location

No driveway or front / back garden? It’s completely possible to place a skip on a public road – but you’ll need to apply to your local authority for a permit first. It’s a good idea to get your permit sorted with the local council before you get in touch with the Staffordshire Waste team to avoid any issues once your skip arrives.

How long does a skip permit last for?

Most skip permits last for two weeks, but you can reapply for another permit once your original one gets close to expiring. Don’t leave it until the first permit has expired though as this could land you in hot water with the council.

How much does a skip permit cost?

Costs vary between local authorities, so it really does depend on who has responsibility for the road that the skip is placed on.

On average, the cost for a two-week permit is around £60, but it can vary from council to council, so we highly recommend calling your local council first to get an idea on price.

What can’t I put in a skip that’s not on private property?

Explosives or harmful materials that can potentially damage health must not be placed in a skip on a public road, so if you aren’t 100% certain of what materials might fall into this category, speak to our team on 01782 740749.

What else do I need to know?

The law states that any skip placed on a public road needs to be made visible to passing pedestrians and vehicles, Staffordshire Waste & Recycling Centre is happy to provide items that will make the skip easy to see.

Finally, if you go ahead and place a skip on a public road without a permit from your local council, then you could be hit with a fine of up to £1,000 per offence, so make sure you arrange your permit in advance of your skip arriving.

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